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Fashion Designer - Raffles Tao



Raffles Tao is a fashion designer. She was graduated from Parsons the New School for Design. She was a fashion design intern of Anna Sui, Marchesa, Tanya Taylor and Alexander Wang. She have established her designer brand “RAFFLES TAO”.

Raffles Tao是一個時裝設計師,她畢業於帕森設計學院,她曾在Anna Sui、Marchesa、Tanya Taylor 、Alexander Wang等國際品牌當過實習設計師,她建立了自己設計的品牌“RAFFLES TAO”。

M&M: When did your passion for fashion design started?

Raffles Tao: I started studying fashion design in Parsons, the New school for Design from 2012-2016 and recently graduated in May. As for my passion for fashion design, it can be regarded as a coincidence as I randomly chose this major when I was in High school third grade. After that, I always love to observe people and try to find the interesting connection between their personality and their sense of fashion. Later, my enthusiasm for creating digital collage artwork also led me to the print design for fashion and now I was trying to hybrid my fine art with my fashion design together.

M&M: 你對時裝設計的熱情是什麼時候開始的?

Raffles Tao: 2012年到2016年,我在美國帕森設計學院學習設計,今年五月畢業。至於我對時裝設計的熱情是一個巧合,因為我在高中三年級的時候隨意選擇了這個專業。從那以後,我一直很喜歡觀察人,試圖找到他們個性和時尚感的聯繫。後來,我對數字拼貼藝術創作的熱情引領我設計印花時尚,現在我想混合我的美術作品到時裝設計。

M&M: In what way would you describe your designs?

Raffles Tao: I would say I am still experimenting with different styles, I did minimalism black collection, couture collection as well as collection with bright colors and cooperate with my own prints. In the future, I may focus on minimalism as well as colorful collections. Then I would say my designs are more playful, youth and chic.

M&M: 你會如何形容你的設計?

Raffles Tao: 我正在嘗試著不同的風格。我做了極簡主義黑色系列,高級時裝系列還有明亮色系搭配我設計的印花。在未來,我可能會專注于極簡主義和多彩系列。我想說我的設計會變得更加活潑,青春和潮流。

M&M: HUNTING SEASON is your previous collection. What made you come up with this idea?

Raffles Tao: The thesis for my collection Hunting Season is based on my artworks and poems I did last year. Basically it is about people who always feel paranoid and regard other people as hunters and themselves as preys. In order to help them, I want to create a fantasy world they can hide themselves in. The prints combine both human hands and botanic elements, which symbolize the society and nature.


Raffles Tao: 狩獵季節的論題來源于去年我的作品和詩歌。 總體上是表達人們總是會偏執認為其他人是獵人而自己是獵物。為了幫助他們,我想創造一個夢幻世界可以讓他們隱藏自己。印花結合人類的手和植物元素,象征著社會和自然。

M&M:Do you think your designs are reflecting your attitude in life?

Raffles Tao: My designs are closely connected to my collage artworks, galleries I visited and the books I read. I quite love to explore the unknown world, love to find new stories, love art with graphic elements and unexpected colors, so my designs, to some extend, represents my personality and my lifestyle.


Raffles Tao: 我的設計與我的拼貼作品, 我去過的美術館和看過的書都有緊密聯繫。 我很喜歡去探索未知的世界,尋找新的故事,喜愛有圖形元素的藝術和意料之外的顏色。在一定程度上,我的設計體現了我的個性和生活方式。

M&M: Do you have any idea or plan for the brand’s development in the future?

Raffles Tao: Recently I am collaborating with many photographers and will publish the photo shoots on magazines this summer. As for the future of my brand, I would continue to make several new pieces and then ready to put into production. Also, I will develop accessories, garments as well as artworks, house ware later to give a full mood I want to archive for the next seasons. And I hope people would like my designs.


Raffles Tao: 最近我和很多攝影師合作,將會發佈一些作品照片在雜誌上。至於我品牌的未來,我會繼續做一些新作品,準備投入生產。同時,我會發展配件,服裝以及藝術品,家庭用品,想為下一季傾情展示。我希望大家會喜歡我的設計。



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