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荷蘭畫家:Martine Johanna



Martine Johanna is a Dutch painter mostly known for her acrylic paintings on linen and wooden panels. Her works are hyper-saturated, seemingly light, but explore the duality between youthful naivety and anxiety-riddled adulthood. Female figures, fierce but fragile, often crowd the compositions and occupy the majority of the space gazing distractedly into the beyond. Making the viewer a voyeuristic part of the work. The paintings are visually stimulating and cheeky while expressing an underlying sense of uncertainty and unrest. Martine Johanna lives and works in Amsterdam.

Martine Johanna是一個荷蘭畫家,她最有名的就是亞麻布和木板油畫。她的畫風非常飽和明亮,主要探索年輕人天真的性情和成年人充滿焦慮兩者之間的雙重性。她畫的女性人像既強烈又脆弱,她的創作中常常會大量運用心不在焉的眼神凝視著遠方,并鋪滿整個畫面,令到觀賞者有一種窺探她畫作的感覺。當她想表達一些潛在的不確定性和焦慮不安的情緒時,她的畫作在視覺上是充滿刺激性和放肆的。Martine Johanna現時在荷蘭的阿姆斯特丹生活和工作。

1. When did your passion for painting start?


I use to draw a lot a couple of years back, and did only seldom paint. The quality did not develop then, however when I decided to invest more time and effort into painting I found out I could actually express myself much better because of the addition of material and color.


2. In what way would you describe your works?


I’m a Dutch painter mostly known for my acrylic paintings on linen and wooden panels. The works I make are hyper-saturated, seemingly light, but explore the duality between youthful naivety and anxiety-riddled adulthood. The alternation between figurative and abstract influences gives it an interesting tension for most people that are drawn to my work.


3. Do you have some special ideas that you would like to do?


Lot’s but I’m not going to share that ;)

有很多,但是暫時先保密 ;)

4. We noticed that your works are mostly paintings of female figures, who are they? What inspires you to do so?


My models are friends and people I know and admire or find interesting, sometimes though I mess up the faces and mix up features that then start to resemble imaginary people or real ones. I do that sometimes when I have dreamt something strange like film stills of a mix of images I’ve seen that I try to catch on canvas.


5. Do you think your works are reflecting your attitude in life?


I wouldn’t describe it as reflecting attitude in life, but more parts of who I am and universal emotional connections that make us human.


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