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Column: Sweet Tooth, NOT

How does it work eating out with someone who has an addiction to sweets? Can you imagine if your travelling buddy is someone with a constant craving for sweets? It is like putting a meat lover next to a vegetarian. So, for me, I was instantly thinking that it would not work.

與甜品愛好者一起外出食飯會是怎樣的呢? 你可以想象一下如果你的同行伴侶不斷渴望食甜品而你則對甜品並沒有太大興趣又會是怎樣?這就像將喜愛肉食和素食的人放在一起。所以對我來說,這是絕對不行的。

Not long ago, I happened to head out of town to Osaka with my long time childhood friend, who has been my friend for a very long time. My excitement was so overloaded that I totally forgot that I once wanted to send her off to a rehab center because of her super crave for SUGAR. But, overall, she is just my very “sweet” friend.


Traveling with someone different actually allows you to see more and experience different things, if you have an open mind and appreciate each other’s worlds, so why not travel with someone very different? Even if I am not a sweet addict, I found my heaven in Kyoto. This transparent, sticky, rustic, authentic, chewy and mouthwatering delicacy is amazingly good. The confectionery has certainly taken my dessert world to the next level. And if I didn’t go with my very “sweet” friend, I would have not experienced such a great treat.


Food always gives me surprises, especially food in Japan, where even something that looks so simple and ordinary can have so much power and character. So my conclusion is, even if you are not a big fan of some kind of food, never say never, travel with an open heart and eat with an open mind. Just give things a try, and let your taste buds be the judge.


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