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2016, follow up the PANTONE Fashion Color!


2016, follow up the PANTONE Fashion Color!

What is Pantone?

Pantone*每年都會公佈年度顏色,正當時尚界還對2015的年度色 Marsala red意猶未盡的時候,Pantone就已於15年底破天荒公佈2016年度顏色為雙主色:「玫瑰石英粉紅」與「寧靜粉藍」。這些顏色一旦被Pantone這個色彩權威選中,都會被所有與設計有關的業界廣泛使用,因為它代表著這一年的全球時代精神,這些顏色是一種能在世界範圍內產生共鳴的顏色。

Pantone announces new color styles every year. While the fashion world was still obsessed with Marsalad red, Pantone unprecedentedly introduced two shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue, as the colors of 2016 at the end of last year. Once Pantone chooses the colors, they will be widely used by all design related industries. As they represent the zeitgeist of the year, these colors can resonate among around the world.


Do not simply consider them as pink and pink blue. The Rose Quartz is a kind of soft pink, standing for tenderness, while the Serenity is just as tranquil and steady as the blue sky. The two quiet colors demonstrate an inherent balance and seem to be in perfect match. Just by looking at them you can feel comfortable and cozy. The two-color combination was already used in the 2016 spring & summer fashion week.


They can be applicable in various types of surface materials such as matte, metallic and glossy. Whether you apply them to the soft or hard materials, the Rose Quartz and Serenity are still luxurious and classy girl colors, reflecting a soothing sense of order and peace.

▲Chanel Spring 2016


Pantone recommends that the two colors should be used together to highlight the comparison effects and trendiness.

▲Vionnet Spring 2016

▲ Emporio Armani Spring 2016



The Celebrities snap shot.

*PANTONE:(Pantone Inc.)是一家總部位於美國的專門開發和研究色彩而聞名全球的權威機構,也是色彩系統的供應商,提供許多行業包括印刷及其他關於顏色如數位技術、紡織、塑膠、建築以及室內設計等的專業色彩選擇和精確的交流語言。

PANTONE: (Pantone Inc.), headquartered in the USA, is an authoritative organization specializing in color research and development as well as supplier of color system. It provides professional color selection services and exact color language for many industries such as printing, high technology, textile, plastics, architecture and interior design.

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