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3D插畫家:Fabienne Legrand



Fabienne Legrand is graduated from University of PARIS VIII. She specializes in 3D real-time animation. She a well-known illustrator in France and throughout Europe, have over 20 years experience in the design of 3D computer illustration, and created a 3D animation studio.

Fabienne Legrand畢業於巴黎第八大學,專門從事3D實時動畫,擁有超過20年3D電腦插畫的設計經驗,並開創了3D全息動畫工作室,在法國乃至整個歐洲插畫藝術界享有盛譽。

1. When did your passion for illustration started? 你什麼時候開始對插畫產生熱情 ?

I remember I always drew since childhood. I was fascinated by the great French designers such as Sempé, Gotlib, Claire Bretécher, Moebius, Reiser. I copied their designs. At school, I spent my time caricaturing my friends, my teachers. When I had a message to convey, I always did a drawing. When I wanted to draw the attention of others by making them laugh, I drew my circle situations by putting in scene of caricature. Drawing has always been my mode of expression. I left out during all the years I have made 3D, only on holidays that I could find that pleasure. This is how was born my first album, "A summer at Cap Ferret". This album is about the place of my favorite holidays for over 18 years.


2. In what way would you describe your illustrations? 你如何形容自己的插畫 ?

They are living instant. I like to capture the small funny moments of our lives. I have a rather special look at the world around me. I can not look at someone without seeing his cartoon version, as if I had permanently deforming glasses. I observe people, situations, and I extract what amuses me, what I find funny, grotesque or ridiculous sometimes. But I try to never fall in to wickedness. I'm just trying to show the absurdity of certain moments of our lives. My drawing style came through 3D. I created an animated mini-series, with color characters and settings to the black line. When I stopped the 3D, I adopted this style in 2D. I realize my designs completely on the computer with a tablet, I have not taken my pencils. My default is to work in high definition, it sometimes becomes an obsession. I can spend long hours drawing the hair of my characters, I draw to the sizes of details in the iris of the eyes of my characters, even if, in the end, all will be printed in all lowercase in a page. I like things precise and detailed.

插畫就像是即拍相機,我喜歡捕抓生活中有趣的時刻,我對周圍的世界有獨特的視角,我看到一個人就會立即在腦海中刻畫他的卡通形象,好像自帶哈哈鏡一樣。我會觀察人和周圍的環境,我會把那些好玩的、古怪荒誕的、甚至是荒誕的東西記錄下來,當然我儘量不讓自己變得太古怪,我這樣做只是想表現生活中一些荒謬的時刻。我畫畫風格來自於3D的創作習慣,我創作了一個動畫迷你系列,人物和場景都是通過黑色的線條完成,當我不用3D 作畫的時候,2D也沿襲了同樣的風格。有時候我發現自己作畫完全是在一個手寫板上完成的,根本沒有用筆,有的時候我習慣了高清做圖,這會讓人痴迷。我可以花幾個小時來畫人物的頭髮,我對畫畫的細節特別較真,即便最後付印的時候那些細節可以忽略不計,我喜歡精確和注重細節。

3. Do you have some special project that you would like to do? 有沒有一些特別的項目是你想做的 ?

I will soon start an album on beauty related to diet, this is a subject on which there is much to say and that I am much fun. And in parallel, there is a project that is close to my heart today. It will tell the story that I lived there a year. My 17 years old son has had a devastating meningitis and it is a miracle he is alive today. Check out this incredible human adventure that lasted almost a year. A year battle with ups and downs, an extra ordinary solidarity, where humor proved a wonderful weapon against fate, sufferings, anxieties.


4. The graphic novel "Fabienne Legrand for Longchamp, Two Loves Have I" got a lot of attention to around the World. What made you come up with this idea? 你受Longchamp邀請,創作了一本詼諧幽默的時尚漫畫《我的兩個摯愛》獲得了全世界的關注,請問你的創作靈感來源於哪裡 ?

The idea came from the meeting of Longchmp and Cherche Midi Editor. That's when I saw my first album Sabine Leclerc, then communications director at Longchamp wanted to offer me this adventure. I hesitated, because I'm really not a fashionista, specializing in handbags. But the project appealed to me very quickly, the idea being to talk about women, their relation to this fetish object, the handbag with Paris and I love so much, in the background.

這個靈感來源於與Longchamp和Cherche Midi編輯的一次會議。Longchamp的公關傳播總監向我提出這一要約。我當時有點猶豫,因為我完全不懂時尚,特別對包包也不在行。但是我很快就被這個項目吸引了,這是關於女人,以及她們的戀物情結,巴黎和包包都是最愛,我特別喜歡這個主題。

5. What kind of feedback did you receive about it? 關於這次創作,你收到了什麼樣的反饋?

A wonderful welcome! I did not expect this. The most amazing experience was the welcome to Tokyo. I had never been to Japan. I discovered the passion for Japanese artwork and I was very moved by the way they received me, their enthusiasm, their sensitivity. I spent too many years working in the 3D help create amazing things, never satisfied for innovative people (many producers and broadcasters in the French TV know to be particularly unpleasant and opinions on all the same on what they have absolutely no skill). Today is a gift than receiving compliments from so many people and such a warm welcome.


6. Do you think your illustrations are reflecting your attitude in life? 你的插畫作品是否反映你對生活的態度?

In a way, yes. I always have a somewhat special look at the world around me, people, objects, situations. I have fun all. I laugh at everything, even what may seem the saddest. I like things worked, cared for and I hope that my designs reflect this taste for detail.



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