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<腦中風青年:素食令身體不再沉重>Cerebral Apoplexy Youth: Vegetarian Diet Relaxes Your Body


Healthy diets are catch more and more people’ attention and becoming a new lifestyle as people's growing awareness on animal rights and the trend of vegetarian diets being unrestricted by religion. There are different opinions whether vegetarian diet is good for your health in terms of nutrition. Universities across the world have conducted researches to prove that children that have vegetarian diets can also grow and develop healthy. In Macau, there is a seriously ill young man who is recovered from sickness after having vegetarian diet with exercises. He said that the vegetarian diet could relax the body and relieved his burden and this is something he has never felt when he was healthy.


Zhijun Wong, a sport lover who suffered from cerebral apoplexy at the age of 30 in 2012. The left part of his body was paralyzed and he stayed in the hospital for 6 months. The recovery process took a long period of time and he was not yet recovered . If the reason is not lacking sports, it must be the problem on either his constitution or diet. Some friends suggested him to try a vegetarian diet to facilitate the recovery process.


He watched two documentaries. One is “If Slaughterhouse has Glass Walls”, directed by Paul McCartney, which shows a cruel world of the slaughterhouse to the public and brutal behavior towards animals. The other one is “An Inconvenient Truth” by previous vice-president of America, Albert Gore, which reflects that the carnivorous action is destroying the environment. As a result, the two documentaries reinforce his commitment to be an entire vegetarian.


After having the disease, Zhijun Wong devoted himself to long distance running. He felt that his body was lighter and relaxed after practicing vegetarian diet. Also, he found that long distance running is aid to expedite the recovery process while other kinds of sports, which he often did as a teenager, cannot relax his body even with a good rest. Therefore, he does not worry about the vegetarian diet will affect his performance in long distance running. He also knows many excellent sportsmen who are vegetarians at the same time.

結果顯示兒童素食者都能正常地生長和發育,而素食者也有正常的血清維生素 B-12、鐵濃度以及正常的血液生化狀況。雖然素食可能導致某些營養素缺乏被一些研究指出,但只要父母能夠提供孩子足夠的素食營養和良好的照顧,素食者在生命各階段仍然能夠滿足其飲食需要,並且有正常的發展與營養狀態。

The research result shows that the vegetarian children have a normal growth and development curve and their serum vitamin B-12, iron concentration and blood biochemical level meets the standard criteria. Although vegetarian diets could probably result in shortage of certain types of nutrients, it will be fine as long as parents provide sufficient vegetarian nutrition and good care. Vegetarians can still satisfy the dietary needs at different stages and have a standard growth curve and nutritional intake.


The vegetarian diet has already become a trendy lifestyle especially in the youth generation. A vegetarian enthusiast Man Lin has always been advocating this type of diet and thinks that it is a kind of power. However, individual force is always limited compare to a united one. He once gathered friends with the same interest to share information on the Internet and produced promotional pamphlets to give out on street. He also plans to establish an association which aims to promote vegetarian culture through different channels.

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