M&M: 眾所周知,一晨您是一位網絡紅人和漫畫家,那麼您是什麼時候開始喜歡上畫漫畫?

Ding Yi Chen: 我從小就很喜歡畫畫,不過一直沒有系統學習,上學的時候還經常向當地報刊雜誌投稿。上了大學空餘時間多了,想把每天日常生活應該記錄一下,然後發在網上了,沒想到受到很多人喜歡,就堅持把丁小點的故事繼續畫下來了。

M&M: Your cartoons are very popular on the Internet. When did this passion of yours began?

Ding Yi Chen: I’ve liked drawing every since I was a child, but I don’t have a systematical education about it. When I was in school, I often contributed my drawing to local newspapers and magazines. I had more free time in the university, so I wanted to record my daily life and put it online. Unexpectedly, a lot of people liked my work, that’s why I insist on drawing stories of Ding Xiao Dian.

M&M: 我們知道您就讀中文專業,為什麼沒有選擇就讀一個藝術類的專業呢?

Ding Yi Chen: 首先我沒有經過系統的美術培訓,一直當做愛好,畫的也都是零碎的東西,考試都不一定會通過啦。其次呢,我也很喜歡文字方面的東西,很幸運選擇了中文專業,才能讓我有故事可畫,有內容想講。

M&M: You majored in Chinese and not art, what influenced your choice?

Ding Yi Chen: First of all, I don’t have a systematical education about art, it’s simply my hobby. My drawing is about trivial things and I don’t think I would pass the exam. Also, I like literature very much. I feel lucky I chose Chinese as my major, which makes me have stories to tell and things to say.


Ding Yi Chen: 她和大多數普通女孩一樣愛哭愛笑,有愛心偶爾有點懶,喜歡吃又拚命減肥。丁小點一開始算是我的一個分身吧,她現在不僅僅是我的性格,也正符合時下很多年輕人的身份,會迷茫會為瑣事煩心也會因為一點溫暖感恩。

M&M: Ding Xiao Dian is a cartoon character you created. What kind of girl is she?

Ding Yi Chen: Like most girls, she laughs and cries. She is caring but a bit lazy. She likes to eat but also tries very hard to lose weight. Ding Xiao Dian is like another me, but she is more than that actually. She also matches with many young people’s identities, people who will feel confused by trivial things and feel grateful by a little warm.

M&M: 您認為丁小點在網絡走紅的原因有什麼?

Ding Yi Chen:丁小點和世界大多普通人一樣,簡單但偶爾有點小煩惱,我想大家應該在她身上的故事總能找到不同時期的自己,從而產生共鳴,有很強的認同感吧。

M&M: In your opinion, what is the reason Ding Xiao Dian got so popular on the Internet?

Ding Yi Chen: Like most ordinary people in the world, Ding Xiao Dian is simple but has her little problems every now and then. I think people can always find themselves and resonate in her stories. They have a strong sense of identity.

M&M: 您的漫畫故事創作靈感來自於哪裡?

Ding Yi Chen: 般是自己身上或是朋友的故事,還有相互之前說的一些段子。有時沒有想法,我就會看看書看看電影。還有經常會和朋友或者工作室成員們聊天,從而會激發一些靈感。所以我覺得交流與溝通是個很好靈感發源通道哦。

M&M: Where does your cartoon inspiration come from?

Ding Yi Chen: Usually, it comes from my stories or my friends’ stories, and jokes we talked about before. When I have no inspiration, I will read books and watch movies. I often chat with friends and studio members to get inspired. I think communication is a very good channel to get some inspiration.

M&M: 您從小的理想就是當一名漫畫家嗎?

Ding Yi Chen: 我小時候的願望可多啦,想做煎餅鋪,想開雜貨店,也想當漫畫家,都是一點收穫就會成就感很多的那種簡單的願望啦,沒什麼大理想,比較容易滿足。

M&M: Is being cartoonist your childhood dream?

Ding Yi Chen: When I was a child I had lots of dreams. I wanted to open a pancake shop and also a grocery store. But I wanted to become a cartoonist too. There are simple dreams that a few harvest and achieve a great sense of accomplishment. I don’t dream big, but easily get satisfaction.

M&M: 您或者是丁小點的未來計劃是什麼?能否和我們分享一下。

Ding Yi Chen: 去年成立了自己的工作室,但願和小夥伴們出更多的新人物,把丁小點家族擴大,也希望之後的時間再接再厲出不同類型的漫畫書來回饋喜歡我的書迷們,暫時計劃就是這樣,未來總之希望越來越好嘍!

M&M: What future plans do you have for yourself and Ding Xiao Dian?

Ding Yi Chen: I set up my own studio last year. I hope my colleagues and I will create out more new characters and expand Ding Xiao Dian’s family. We will make persistent efforts to publish different kinds of comic books for our fans. That’s my temporary plan. In short, I wish the future will get better.

M&M: 您來過澳門嗎?如果來過,對澳門的印象是什麼?

Ding Yi Chen: 之前做活動的時候去過一次澳門,感覺澳門是一個東西方結合很緊密的城市,既有東方底蘊又有西洋風情,但是行程比較匆忙,希望以後有機會好好來感受。

M&M: What is your impression of Macau?

Ding Yi Chen: I have been to Macau once to attend an activity. I feel that it’s a city with both eastern and western cultures. It has a profound eastern culture, but also a foreign western feeling. However, I was on busy schedule at that time. I hope I will have a better chance to further experience the culture.

M&M: 您可以用您筆下的丁小點為澳門畫一幅手稿嗎?


Ding Yi Chen: Can you draw a manuscript about Macau in Ding Xiao Dian’s story?

Of course, I like to draw different cities. I feel that will be cultural and romantic.

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