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情迷巴黎 感受浪漫之都 ♥ Discover the Romantic City: Paris


Paris is the dream city for many people. Many friends of mine also chose Paris for further education, honeymoon, travel or even to settle down to step on this land, where freedom, art, fashion and romance nourishes. Boating on Seine, enjoying fashion shows at Champs Elysees, taking a glimpse of Paris from the Eiffel Tower, lingering history at the Louvre Museum and, most importantly, have a long lasting kiss at Mur des Je t'aime, yes Paris is always a romantic city.


The journey started in Notre Dame de Paris. The initial knowledge of Notre Dame de Paris comes from the famous novel "Notre Dame de Paris", knowing it plays a major role in the Catholic Church in Paris. Right after seeing the church itself, I believe there is not much architecture as magnificent as Notre Dame de Paris. Inside the church we can find different views. There are many tourists from different countries here. The warm sunlight reflected from the upper window and set itself on a girl's head when she was taking a selfie, with her black long hair dancing in the sun. People reach the top of the church to enjoy the panorama view of Pairs. The Seine River looks like soft silk, winding around this beautiful city.


The second stop was “Musée de Louvre”, one of the world's biggest museums for the past two centuries and the former residence of the King of France. The exquisiteness of “Musée De Louvre” was as expected. It covers a variety of civilization works, including ancient Egypt, recent Middle East, ancient Chinese, ancient Greece, ancient Rome and Islam. However, comparing with tons of art treasures inside the palace, the humongous tulips garden outside the palace is more attractive.


The pergola is a commercial flower land, providing varied flowers from the whole branch to a single flower. It presents a hug area of tulips that will blossom next spring. These cup-shaped flowers stand proudly with a diverse color: red, yellow, white and purple, among others. Not only has one color with sparkle dots and golden lines on complicated petals, but also four different colors in one flower. It's breathtaking!


Next, walking into “Place de la Concorde” in downtown Paris. Gigantic Egypt obelisk was placed at the center of the Palace, with a pictograph written on top, praising the role of Ramesses II, reviewing specific history with the leisure atmosphere. When people stroll at Champs Elysees, different skin color pretty ladies walked pass me along with the banyan trees at both sides. I felt a delusion as if I was one of these models. Paris earns its fashion capital name vividly, black hair, brown or blond beauties are having a street fashion battle here.


As everyone knows, the Eiffel Tower is the iconic architecture of Paris. Standing on the top of Eiffel Tower, people can overlook and stand among those crowed buildings, like standing among mountains. This gigantic building to honor the 100 years of the French great revolution and symbol of World Expo can blend in perfectly and become the symbol of Paris without doubt.


Another aspect worth to mention is the wall - located in Paris, Butte Montmartre, Place des Abbesses, in the Square Jehan Rictus. It was built on a surface of 40 square meters, with "I love you" handwritten in more than 250 languages. At the far left side of the wall we can find the Chinese characters for "I love you", painted along with a beautiful woman leaning on a small table. Besides her there is phrase: "Keep rational, forced love is impossible." Pretty couples everywhere, this is one of the must see tourist spots, where love grows.


Regardless if you overlook Paris from the Tower or from a boat on the Seine River, it feel so good to be there. Not to mention shopping at Les Galeries Lafayette, all the fragrance oozing at you. The most unforgettable delicacies are the traditional baguette, crepe, snails and foie gras, even though it is more expensive than Macau, but how could you resist local gourmets?


Random selfies in Paris is like art. Local French accent sound wonderful and the figure from the ladies make people jealous. Pamper yourself in the park, lying on the grass with all kinds of little flowers, greens coming from the trees and couples enjoying the afternoon on the grass as well. A grow of pigeons flies above your head, and the cafe shops are packed of customers. Yes, this is the renowned Paris, a spring kind of city.



Visa: No Visa needed for Special Administration Region Passport


Flights: Direct flights from Hong Kong to Paris, Cathy Pacific or Air France


Currency: Euro can be used in France, 1 Euro equals to 8.7 MOP


Travel Warning: After the attack in Paris, the Hong Kong government issued the Yellow Travel Warning to France


Travel spots: After the attack, most of the major tourist spots were closed, like Eiffel Tower and Disney, therefore it's better for tourists to check in advance.

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