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澳門會獎盛事協會與國際獎勵旅游專業協會(SITE) 聯合開辦認証會獎專業(CIS)課程

2016 年 9 月 14 日 澳門 - 澳門會獎盛事協會與國際獎勵旅游專業協會 (聯合主辦的認証會獎專業(CIS)課程(, 昨天在澳門貿易投 資促進局下轄的澳門商務促進中心開課。 來自本地的約 30 名專業人士參加了為期兩天的認証 課程。

Macau, September 14, 2016 – Organised by the MISE - Macau Incentives & Special Events Association and SITE - Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (, the “Certified Incentive Specialist - CIS Certification Program” ( opened yesterday (September 13) at the Macau Business Support Centre (MBSC) of the Macao Trade and Investment Institute (IPIM). About 30 local industry professionals participated in this 2-day education program.

此項初級課程,旨在為新入行的專業人員提供教育培訓機會,學習更多 MICE 行業中獎勵 旅游部分的知識,以提高學員在市場推廣與銷售方面的知識。

This is an entry level certification program aiming to provide an educational opportunity for emerging professionals to learn more about the incentive travel sector within the MICE industry spectrum and achieve a higher understanding on the marketing and sales part of the business.

澳門會獎盛事協會副理事長蔡美寶稱,“本次課程在澳門舉辦頗有意義。它不但與協會 宗旨一致,更加為行內人士與相關方面提供了學習會獎核心知識的機會。大家在學習中可探討 如何進一步推廣澳門作為獎勵旅游的目的地。”

According to Ms. Rebecca Choi, Vice President of MISE, “the CIS education program presented in Macau is significant in that it is not only in line with our Association’s objectives, but it is also an opportunity for the industry professionals and stakeholders to acquire key knowledge and start developing new approaches to further market Macau as a destination for incentive travel.”

她並稱,“我們很高興,澳門會獎盛事協會的工作得到了行內的認可。本次認証課程更 加因為澳門貿易投資促進局的資助而順利舉行。”

“We are also delighted that our Association’s work is being recognized by the industry, and this CIS certification program was made possible through the education subsidy supported of IPIM”, adds Ms. Choi.

兩天的課程包括學習、考試與頒証。主講老師是墨西哥 Avanti Meetings and Incentives 總 裁與 CEO Mr. Fernando Compeán 和 Joselyn, Tepper & Associates, Inc. 副總裁 Mr. Bruce Tepper。 兩位講師在會獎,會議與旅游行業均由數十載豐富經驗。

The 2-day education program, which also included exam and certificate presentation, was conducted by two renowned speakers, namely, Mr. Fernando Compeán, President and CEO of Avanti Meetings and Incentives, Mexico, and Mr. Bruce Tepper, Vice President of Joselyn, Tepper & Associates, Inc. Both speakers are very knowledgeable in the field of incentive, meeting, travel and tourism industries with decades of industry experience behind them.


For more detail on the CIS Program offered in Macau, please visit:


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