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Fashion Designer - Esther Choy



Esther Choy is a Singapore fashion designer. She graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts. She have established her brand “E S H” that has an aesthetic based upon the duality of gender in clothing.

Esther Choy是一個新加坡的時裝設計師,她畢業於LASALLE設計學院,她辦立了屬於自己的品牌“E S H”,而這個品牌理念是基於兩性美學的。

1. When did your passion for fashion design started?


The limitless nature of creating was what excited and drew me to design. Also, the element of surprise in the design process is a big part of why I like doing it. As I create, the idea evolves and could morph into something completely different than what I started out with, and this unexpectedness keeps designing fresh and exciting for me. When I was young, I would dream up outfits that I did not have in my closet but would have loved to own, and later drew them out for my paper dolls when I played dress-up with them. In a way, I was able to live out my creative designs through those paper dolls, and this passion grew into something that has shaped my decision to take up Fashion Design as my major in university.


2. In what way would you describe your designs?


I would describe my designs as something that is very representative of my own personal taste and style, garments that strengthens confidence to the wearer through its sharp shapes but at the same time not detracting from the wearer’s own innate femininity.


For this collection I was inspired by the tailoring of the military uniforms worn during the second world war. The austerity of the uniforms showed the silhouettes for the collection, making them boxy and slightly oversized, with a lot of emphasis placed on detailings and pockets.


3. E S H is drawing inspiration from style muse and classical Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich. What made you come up with this idea?

E S H以好萊塢經典女明星 瑪琳·黛得麗 作為設計靈感女神。這個想法是怎麼來的?

I wanted to find a muse that already encapsulated my own design beliefs in her dressing, and I found that in Marlene Dietrich . I was also inspired by Marlene Dietrich and her ability to balance the idea of masculinity and femininity in her dressing. On stage she was sexy, slinky and exotic, however in her daily life she preferred to wear menswear or tailored garments. From there, I decided to deconstruct popular articles of menswear and reinterpret them into womenswear, essentially creating menswear for womenswear, with an emphasis placed on accentuating the waist, while leaving the shoulders oversized. Creating a collection that is both visually arresting and catered to the confident woman.


4. Do you think your designs are reflecting of your attitude in life?


Yes, very much so I would think. I think I am an instinctive designer, designing garments for my customers that I myself would want to wear. I believe that all women (and men) should feel comfortable in their own skin and that they should wear something that would enhance the beauty that they already have as a human being.


5. Do you have any idea or plan for the brand’s development in the future?


Right now I am just focusing on getting the name of my brand out there as it is very new and just emerging in the fashion industry, but hopefully in the future I would be able to be stocked not only in my own country Singapore, but also regionally.

現在我只是專注于打響品牌名聲,因為它非常新,才剛入時尚圈。但希望未來,“E S H”不僅能在自己的國家新加坡發展好,還能打入各地市場。



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