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H&M Beauty 帶你玩轉色彩世界


fashion for your face

Fast-Fashion之所以大受歡迎,是因為大家可以以親民的價格買到款式新穎、與時並進的時尚單品!H&M一直都是fast fashion的代表者,雖然早已聽聞 H&M踩入化妝界,推出full range化妝產品,可惜香港澳門一直未有發售。但係,佢終於要嚟啦~

Nowadays, Fast fashion has become popular largely because of its friendly price, fashionable and quickly to capture current fashion trends! H&M is a pioneer of “fast fashion”. They claim that, "Fashion and quality at the best price, in a sustainable way." Before, H&M has already lunched their beauty products abroad.


Beauty Room

H&M各種全新美妝産品將會在8月18日抵達香港的3間旗艦店,並會於店內設立Beauty Room。今次H&M Beauty將會毫無保留咁帶來一系列多元化的產品,包括彩妝、身體護理及化妝用具,除了引入最新的潮流顏色,更會提供易配搭的顏色以打造經典的妝容。

Finally, here they come! H&M’s new range of beauty products will arrive in the 3 flagship stores in Hong Kong on 18 August. The much-anticipated launch includes a comprehensive selection of make-up and colours as well as bodycare and beauty tools. Fashion is at the core of the make-up line, which will cover all the latest trends as well as classic beauty looks.


Colourful Paradise

M&M小編有幸搶先預覽各款美妝,不誇張地說,這裡簡直是美妝天堂!有超過50 種唇部、80種眼部及超過180種指甲的顏色,以及一些配搭好色調的眼影系列。由深至淺,由少女至熟女,由matt至glossy,應有盡有!

There are 50 colours for lips, 80 colours for eyes and over 180 colours for nails. All skin tones are catered for with a full range of bases and concealers.

超過50 種顏色的唇部產品,唇膏、唇彩、唇筆應有盡有。


除了化妝產品,H&M更將提供身體護理產品和各種化妝掃丶化妝配件丶精美的化妝袋和梳子。另外,身體護理產品還有升級版身體護理系列(Premium Bodycare Line)和由Ecocert認可的有機身體護理系列 (Conscious Line)。其中,以現代化設計和可回收物料包裝而成的有機身體護理系列產品包括有護唇膏到沐浴露和洗髮露以及潤手霜。

The range is not just about make-up. There are bodycare and a complete range of make-up brushes and beauty tools. There are beautifully designed make-up and toiletries bags and a full range of hair brushes. Two subsidiary collections: a premium bodycare line and a ‘Conscious’ range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products will also be available. ‘Conscious’ line include lip balm to body washes and shampoo as well as hand cream, dry shampoo and innovative products such as pre-shampoo hair oil. The products are in contemporary packaging and recyclable materials. The plastic in the primary containers is made from recycled material.


I am sure you will fall in love with this colourful world.


Beauty Products

Immaculate Compact Foundation HKD $99



Medium Shading Brush HKD $59.9

Angled Buffer Brush HKD $79.9

Precision Blusher Brush HKD $79.9

Angled Blusher Brush HKD $79.9

Plush Kabuki Brush HKD $99

Nail Polish HKD $49.9


Lipstick HKD$99

Eye Shadow HKD$59.9


Body Care

H&M Conscious

Conscious Face Mask HKD 69.9

Conscious Relaxing All Over Oil HKD$99

More Info


Available at: 3 H&M’s flagship stores:

銅鑼灣 Fashion Walk|Causeway Bay Fashion Walk

尖沙嘴廣東道|Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui

旺角家樂坊|Gala Place Mongkok


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