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Hong Kong Famous Designer Kev Yiu & Myolie Wu in KEVOLIE Fashion Show

近這一兩年,香港的時尚展真的越來越少,今次,KEVOLIE時尚展令我非常驚喜。KEVOLIE作為香港的時尚品牌,主力是賣婚紗跟晚裝,真的非常非常厲害。因為畢竟在香港或是澳門成立一個時尚品牌真的不容易,而且設計也是非常國際化和華麗。我相信大家對杏兒並不陌生,至於Kev 其實是香港十大設計師之一,許多明星身上的晚裝均是他的作品,例如定欣拿視后那天的晚裝裙也是出至他手。

There are fewer fashion shows held in Hong Kong the past two years. The KEVOLIE fashion show really made me surprised. As a Hong Kong fashion brand, KEVOLIE’s main business is wedding dress and nightdress. It is really the strength of KEVOLIE. As a fashion brand, it is not easy to survive in Hong Kong or Macau. Its design is very international and gorgeous. I believe that People already know Myolie Wu very well. For Kev, he is one of the top ten designers in Hong Kong. Many celebrities’ nightdresses are his works. When Nancy Wu won the TV prize, the nightdress she wore in the awarding ceremony was also one of his works.


KEVOLIE displayed 30 dresses in the show. Golden, red and grey are their main color. They carry a strong sense of palace style like a princess, I really want one of them. I specially chose my favorite three dresses to share with you.

(金色的晚禮服,高貴而大方)Golden night dress, graceful and decent

(這一件緑色讓我想起Sammi 之前H&M 那條裙!!!)

The green dress lets me think of Sammi’s H&M dress she wore before


I really like the black one, but this one uses pink as base layer that looks more youthful.


Of course, it is the happiest to meet my celebrity friends.

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