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Capturing Elegancy with Parisian Delicacies 捕捉巴黎佳餚的優雅

Located in the Grande Praça of MGM Macau, “Aux Beaux Arts” is a restaurant that aims to capture the elegant atmosphere of a classic brasserie, featuring a combination of décor and fresh food for a perfect French gastronomic experience. Besides the interior itself, featuring dark wood panelling, cast iron coat and umbrella racks hanging over the indoor tables, visitors can also see the aquarium at the Grand Praça, a special treat to all fish lovers.

坐落於澳門美高梅天幕廣場的Aux Beaux Arts餐廳,旨在打造優雅經典的用餐氛圍,以特色的裝飾和新鮮食物組合來締造完美法國美食體驗。除了餐廳內部佈置了暗黑木箱板,鑄鐵衣鈎和傘架懸掛于室里台上,顧客還可以看到天幕廣場的水族館,對所有的魚類愛好者來說是一項特別優待。

“The restaurant is a French brasserie but both the food and the service are a bit more upscale than a normal brasserie, meaning we have a very high end product, with brasserie food, but presented in a modern style. It’s a bit more sophisticated”, said Chef de Cuisine Elie Khalife.

餐廳主廚Elie Khalife表示,“無論是食物還是服務,這間法國小餐廳比一般的餐廳都更顯高檔,這意味著我們有非常高端的產品,用現代風格來展示法國食物。這是一件更為繁瑣和精緻的事情。”

Although there is more to discover on the menu, seafood is usually the first pick between the costumers, with a long list to choose from according to the preferences of each client. “One of the specialities you find in a Parisian brasserie is the seafood. We have a large seafood collection. We get it fresh everyday from tanks we keep, like oysters, lobsters, clams or mussels. We cook it daily and serve it fresh on ice with condiments”.


Over the years the restaurant was able to gain popularity in Macau, providing meaningful experiences to its loyal costumers. “People come here because we have a good reputation, the cooking, flavour, fresh ingredients and variety, every month we change our three-course set menu and bring a new promotion”, said Chef Elie Khalife during an interview with Magazine & More.

多年來,餐廳在澳門一直很受歡迎,為忠實的顧客提供了有意義的用餐體驗。在M&M雜誌採訪中,主廚Elie Khalife表示,“大家來到這里,因為我們有良好的聲譽、烹飪方式、味道、新鮮食材和多種多樣的菜式。每個月我們都會改變三道菜來做新的套餐菜單,來進行新的銷售。”

For this F&B experience, the Chef firstly prepared a seafood platter, which is “one of our popular items that people really come for”. It was a fresh and well presented starter, with quite a variety of seafood, including oysters, clams, lobster, Spanish red shrimp, scallops, crab legs and sea urchins. Afterwards, a traditional Parisian onion soup with cheese crouton, to warm your stomach before the main dish, French Dover sole à la meunière, cooked with butter and lemon juice, served with potato puree and sautéed spinach. A very pleasing dish, with the lemon soothing the butter’s taste so it doesn't get too strong for some palates.


As for dessert, and even though there are some traditional sweets on the menu, the very popular crêpe suzette ended up being the choice, which is always a very nice and appropriated way to finish a meal in “Aux Beaux Arts”.

至於甜品,雖然菜單上有一些傳統甜點,但是人氣甚旺的法式可麗餅還是最終的選擇,這是可以以一貫以來的非常美妙和適當的方式來結束在Aux Beaux Arts的用餐體驗。

Getting to know the costumers


When not in the kitchen preparing the dishes, Chef Elie Khalife likes to “go outside, check their [clients] satisfaction and see the preferences” to get some feedback. “I think it’s important, it makes me understand the perspective of the people regarding the food and what they like”, he added.

當不在廚房備菜的時候,主廚Elie Khalife會喜歡去“外面調查他們的(客戶)滿意度和偏好”來得到一些反饋。他補充說,“我認為這是重要的,它讓我了解大家對食物的看法和他們的喜好”。

When the opportunity came up for this Macau adventure, back in 2008, Chef Elie Khalife confessed that his first reaction was “What is Macau?”, a place he had never heard about before. After some research, he thought that “there was some potential to make something interesting over here”, and so the journey began. “It was something very exotic and very new for me, everything was different and I was very excited to discover more and more. So when I used to be off I would go through the old streets of Macau and discover small restaurants, the Red Market and all these areas, with things that were interesting not only on the cooking side, but also very cultural”, concluded the Chef.

早在2008年,當“去澳門冒險”的機會來臨的時候,主廚Elie Khalife坦白他的第一份反應是“澳門是什麼?”,當時他從來沒有聽說過澳門。做了一些研究后,他覺得“有潛力在那裡發展有趣的事物”,所以旅程就開始了。“澳門對我來說是非常有異域風情和新奇的。一切都是不同的,我很興奮地去發現更多新事物。當我下班的時候,我會去澳門的老街去探索小餐廳,紅街市和那些有趣的領域。不僅在烹飪方面,同時也包括一些很有文化氛圍的地方。”

Aux Beaux Arts

Opening Hours 開放時間:

Closed on Mondays 逢週一休息

Tuesday to Friday: 6pm – 12am 週二至週五:下午6時到早上12時

Saturday to Sunday: 11am – 12am 週六至週日:早上11時到早上12時

Photos: Pedro Santos & MGM Macau

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