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Fashion Revolution Born in Macau 在澳門興起的時尚革命

“Room Of Bamboo” was created in Macau “in a spontaneous whirlwind of adventure”, described Janet Mayer, co-creator and co-owner of the project. Working together with her partner in crime and friend Ami Benton, this “revolution of fashion” was born in a hotel in Macau, where it started to take shape until what it is today. “You could say it just kind of happened! One day we were walking around the streets of Red Market getting lost as we usually do, and then the next minute we just found ourselves stumbling across this old fabric store hidden away down one of the backstreets. We got ourselves so wound up and excited over all the amazing materials and items we saw that we started buying stuff instantly as we knew you couldn’t find anything like it back home. It was then I suppose we just knew that other people like us back home would be just as excited as us and we were just like ‘hell lets just set up a brand’”, said Janet.

項目創始人和合夥人Janet Mayer形容「Room Of Bamboo」是成立于“一陣自發旋風般的冒險中”,Janet與她的合夥人兼朋友Ami Benton一起, 於澳門的一間酒店內創立這個“時尚革命”,並在那裡發展成為今天的樣子。“它就那樣自自然然地發生了。有一天,我們在紅街市附近迷路了,我們經常會這樣,但是下一秒鐘我們發現了這個隱藏在後街道的舊布料商店。我們對看到的所有神奇物料和物品感到十分興奮,於是立刻開始買這些東西,因為我們知道回國后買不到像這樣的東西。就在那時,我想在英國的人看到這些布料也會跟我們一樣興奮,於是我們就開始一起成立了這個品牌”,Janet解釋道。

According to Ami, the name “Room of Bamboo” was created from a combination of two meanings. “Our brand quite literally evolved in room 506 of our hotel in Macau. This is where all the creative and hard work took place! Like our own little expressive hub! Whilst Bamboo represents the Chinese inspiration of our brand, where we began! We played around with a lot of different names but wanted something that could represent us whilst having an edgy vibe”.

據Ami說,名字“Room of Bamboo”有兩個含義——“我們品牌起源并發展在我們酒店的506房。這里是所有創新和努力的發源地!它就像是屬於我們小小的表演中心。同時竹子也代表了我們品牌內含有的中國靈感,也是品牌開始的地方!我們用了很多不同的名字,但是想要一個可以展現我們并且摩登前衛的名字。”

Working as professional dancers and models, the dynamic duo from London wanted to make something “different, raw and real”, so they got started working on their designs to create something with “a real story and make it very different to other brands out there”.


“Room of Bamboo”, or ROB, as they simply call it, follows a “very bold and playful” collection, which can appeal to a variety of people. “We take inspiration from a mixture of sources! First of all we are constantly looking through Instagram and Pinterest to get forms of inspiration from fellow fashionistas. Currently we take a lot from 90’s fashion and celebrities such as Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore and Gwen Steffani. Also at the beginning we took a lot of inspiration from Chinese fashion sources such as old thrift shops and street style in Hong Kong”, said Ami.

“Room of Bamboo”,或者她們簡稱ROB,遵循“非常大膽和玩味”的設計,吸引了各種各樣的人。“我們的靈感來自不同的混合。首先,我們經常通過查找照片分享軟件Instagram和Pinterest的時尚達人來尋找靈感。目前,我們選取了很多90年代時尚元素和時尚名人,如Kate Moss,Drew Barrymore和Gwen Steffani。而且剛開始時,我們也從中國時尚元素獲得靈感,比如在香港老店和街頭。”Ami說。

Macau was essential to the creative process of the brand, because it was where it all started, as well as Hong Kong, due to its “bustle city vibe” and “chilled part where people sit on the streets and outside their shops and markets”.


Travelling also played a big role as far as the inspiration process goes, gathering ideas and trying out new things, as well as just by looking at different people in different corners of the world. “We would pair Russian faux fur with unexpected spice girl trainers bought on the streets of Hong Kong and look fabulous. We love to draw inspiration from other crazy girls, but we always make it our own! We love observing the different fashions and trends around the world and will always point out people in the streets who look amazing or are wearing something a little bit different”, added Janet


The pair is back in London for the moment, but they already have new plans on the horizon. “We can’t give too much away just yet but we can say that ROB’s next stop will be in another one of the world’s most famous fashion capitals! You can expect big things from us, we are very excited!”.



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