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"Macau, will be one of the highlights of my tour"

“ 澳門,

將會成為我巡演中的亮點 ”

"Macau, will be one of the highlights of my tour"

Russell Peters is one of the most famous stand-up comedians nowadays and he will be performing in Macau for the first time ever on the 26th of February. "The Russell Peters Almost Famous World Tour" features new material from Peters, and promises to deliver a night full of laughs in Studio City. In a quick interview with Magazine & More, the comedian shared some of his thoughts about performing in Macau, as well as some quite interesting career stories.

羅素彼得是當今最著名的喜劇演員之一。2月26日他將會第一次在澳門登台演出,彼得會在他的《幾乎成名》世界巡演中添加新的笑料,當晚保證能讓新濠影匯整晚都充滿笑聲。在接受Magazine & More雜誌的採訪中,這位喜劇演員分享了一些關於在澳門演出的想法,和工作中遇到的一些相當有趣的故事。



M&M: What are your expectations for the performance in Macau?

Russell Peters: I've never been to Macau before. I've always wanted to go there, so I'm excited about my first visit. I think it will be one of the highlights of my tour.



M&M: How did you end up doing this kind of work?

Russell Peters: I was 19 years old and a bit of a smart ass. My cousin suggested I try doing stand up, so I did. I've been doing this for 27 years now.




M&M: Was it something you always wanted to do or just kind of grew on you?

Russell Peters: I just thought I'd try it out. I did an open mic night in Toronto and even though I was terrible, I got a couple of small laughs and I was hooked.



M&M: What process do you use to develop your routine?

Russell Peters: I talk about the world and the way I see it. I just have to pay attention to the world around me.



M&M: Any funny stories you would like to share from one of your performances?

Russell Peters: Back in 2006 I was doing a show in Boston and while I was in the middle of a joke, the audience started cheering. I thought, “man I'm really killing up here”. All of a sudden I saw a girl in the front row point to something behind me. I turned around and there was this huge rat walking right towards me!



M&M: What would you be doing if you weren't a comedian?

Russell Peters: I'd be the funniest guy driving a forklift or selling shoes.



M&M: What advice would you give new comedians just starting out?

Russell Peters: Get on-stage as often as you can. It takes years to find your voice, so be patient.



M&M: Who are your biggest references as far as stand up goes?

Russell Peters: George Carlin, Steve Martin, Cheech & Chong and Eddie Murphy.

M&M: 在表演中,你參考得最多的有什麼人?


M&M: What's the best and the worst thing about being a comedian?

Russell Peters: I love being a comedian and I love being on-tour, but as my daughter gets older (she's five now), I find it harder and harder to be away from her.

M&M: 作為喜劇演員,最好和最壞的方面有哪些?


M&M: Finally, any message to your fans in Macau regarding your performance?

Russell Peters: Studio City looks like an amazing venue and geared toward a great experience for my fans. It's going to be a fun show. This current version of the tour is quite different from what I did last year in Hong Kong. The show has changed a lot plus there's a ton of new material.

M&M: 最後,對於你在澳門的演出,你有什麼要對粉絲說的嗎?




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