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極光漫天飛舞終於得見 The flashing dancing polar lights


I headed to Vancouver on March to visit my grandmother. When searching some local information, I happened to find that it was at the polar light period in Canada so I decided to try my luck and go directly to Yellowknife in the northern part before heading to Vancouver. I asked two friends of mine living in New York and the three of us began our journey to Yellowknife.


In order to find the polar lights, the only way is to get off every night. Even the local weather reports said the weather was bad, but you still need to get off since no one can predict the cloudy sky would turn translucent and clear in the next minute.


We stayed in Yellowknife for five days and tried out luck every day. In the first two days, the polar lights were weak, plus the heavy clouds, so we could barely see anything. The lights at the temperature of 34ºC below zero were mixed with pain and wonderful taste. To endure the stingy cold wind in the winter is without a doubt painstaking and yet the wonderful part lied in the process of expectation. I think my friends in the pursuit of polar lights felt the same way.

靜待了數晚,在旅途第三天的凌晨,她終於出現在我眼前,當我看到極光時的第一個感覺居然是不知所措。冰天雪地,加上周邊的漆黑林木,都令突然出現在眼前的光線變得太神奇,不知如何反應,甚至有點恐懼。待眼睛適應了好一陣子,認知眼前所見的是什麼,那刻才真正的歡呼雀躍起來。開始時,先是四周漸起的虹光,慢慢是五光十色的光線貫穿黑夜,然後是散開來的光線朝自己蓋過來,籠罩整個大地, 美不勝收。我們所在的星球,美得太超乎想像, 感激我能看到這一切。

After several nights of waiting, the polar light finally emerged before my eyes at the dawn of the third day. In my first reaction I felt I was totally lost. The icy and snowy environment and the dark woods reinforced the magic of the lights and numbed my reaction and even frightened me a bit. After my eyes adjusted to the lights, I could finally recognize what was in front of me. It was then I started to crow with delight. At first the surroundings were immersed with rainbow lights and then the colorful lights emitted through the darkness. Finally the dispersing lights came over me

and shrouded the whole earth. The view was magnificent and the horizon was just beautiful. I surely appreciated the whole visual experience



簽證 Visa


Holders of Hong Kong, SAR passport can get 90 days of Visa Waiver.

航班 Flight


Take a CX direct flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver and take the Westjet from Calgary/Edmond to Yellowknife.

時機 Time


The best season to watch polar lights is August and September.


The daily forecast of aurora intensity

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