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Indigo Living 秋冬系列: 阿拉伯風情畫 Indigo Living Autumn-Winter Series:


Whenever we visit modern museums or new modern boutique hotels, our sight is always attracted by those splendid designs. When wanting to decorate our homes with a bit more class, the exotic desert style is one of the best options.


Put a spell at home

今次就為大家介紹亞洲及中東地區室內設計潮流的帶領者、擁有三十多年經驗的時尚家俱飾品店 Indigo Living 的最新秋冬家俱及飾品系列。這個秋冬,阿拉伯魅力席捲全球,要為家居注入神秘魅力,從摩爾建築的暖熱色調、幾何圖案,再運用大量的金黃色裝飾,要將居室變身成令人目不暇給的異色國度,要於家中施展一千零一夜的魔法,其實並非遙不可及。

During this edition, we proudly present our Asia and Middle East leading interior design with more than 30 years of modern interior design experience-Indigo Living's Autumn and Winter series. Arab style is the most trending for home decoration around the world this winter. Adding a mysterious home decoration starts with the Moore architecture's warm color, geometric patterns, and pampering with lots of golden decoration. It is possible to decorate an Arab style charming home with the latest collections.

May Chair

以奶白色設計的 May 扶手椅,配合幾何圖案設計,火辣辣的熱情傾注到細節的粉飾上。

Milky white May arm chairs with geometric patterns decoration fully incorporate with the zest of details.


Passionate Desert Series

Indigo Living 推出的最新秋冬家俱及飾品,當中的熱情沙漠系列,既能滿足追求極致浮華的主人翁,亦為偏好於含蓄地以阿拉伯風情來點綴家居的人士提供最佳選擇。由猶如現代蘇丹王宮殿的奢華,到近乎地中海風情的輕淡口味,這阿拉伯式風格變化多端,可以迎合不同的品味和需求。品牌率先示範瀰漫著阿拉伯市集及黃金沙漠的設計,包括採用暖熱的肉桂色牆壁,配合奶白色 May 扶手椅及米白色 Scott 沙發點綴,配上來自 Lexington 系列的小圓桌、茶几及四門側櫃,讓家居主人的獨特品味表露無遺。要為家居注入熱情元素,可配上帶鏤空刺繡圖案設計的星星咕臣、Jurez 燈和銅色 Medina 吊燈,再加上精緻的 Haven Bamboo Silk 地毯及別具藝術味道的方型鏡面掛畫,從不同設計細節粉飾上火辣熱情的裝飾風格,把天馬行空的想像力用各個小節串聯起來。

The passion desert of new promotion series of Indigo Living can not only satisfy the pursuit of luxury life, but is also one of the best choices for those who prefer the simplicity of Arabia’s feelings. The various styles cater to different people's needs, from the extravagance Sultan Palace to the casual Mediterranean style. The first demonstration of this series is the Arabic market and golden desert designs, including warm cinnamon wall color, milky white May armed chair, beige Scott sofa, Lexington Series little round tables, or side tables, four-doors side closets. In order to reveal the owner’s exclusive passion taste, you can add hollow embroiled stars patterns, Jurez lights, bronzed Medina hang light and even Haven Bamboo Silk carpet or artistic square mirror. From different decoration details, it is easy to find a passionate decoration style integrated into the design with creative ideas that have already been represented in those details.


Three Major Home Decoration Tips

要在家裡打造一千零一夜的神秘瑰麗魅力,可參考一下 Indigo Living 專家為大家提供的三個實用家居設計貼士,分別為黃金定律室內裝飾、一切從簡的家俱擺設,以及圖質交錯的物料配搭。首先,無論是家具還是配件擺設,採用金黃色的設計,都可以令家居頓時華麗起來,有人或會擔心金黃色會太過俗套,但倘若能運用得宜便能不落俗套,例如採用啞面或經磨砂的金色來點綴簡約的白色背景,即使是任何房間設計都能散發光芒。另外,如果選擇大件的家俱,應以一切從簡為原則,然後配合富阿拉伯特色的藝術品、餐具及配件作裝飾,例如一套盪金邊的餐具、一條毛絨薄毯或一組金相框都是上佳的點金之作。要建構出阿拉伯式裝潢的關鍵,在於圖、質交錯,有必要在不同紡織物料的圖案和質感上作精心混搭。不妨將絲綢和天鵝絨的靠帎互相配搭,又或以清爽的棉床單來配襯圖案錯綜複雜的薄毯,相信會有意想不到的驚喜效果。

In order to create the “One Thousand and One Night's” story, people can take Indigo Living's expert's three major tips into consideration: golden principle of interior decoration, simplicity and mix material matching. First, try to decorate the house as golden as possible, adopt all kinds of golden decoration so that it will look glamorous all of sudden. Some people might worry too much about the golden look secular, but you have to know how to match and be aware of the boundaries. For instance, you could utilize matt or dull polished golden decoration with a simple white background, any room would glow with this design combination. In addition to that, if you like big size furniture, then following the simplicity principle might turn out great. And then match with some Arabic style arts, tableware or accessories, for example a set of tableware with gold trimming or a fluffy blanket with a golden picture frame. The essential to create an Arabic splendid style is delicately mix matching various pattern and materials. It is worthy of trying or even surprise you by matching silky and velvet cushions, or fresh cotton bed sheets with light blanket of intricate patterns.


In pursuance of adding a glamorous home decoration, you can start with warm colors, geometric patterns, and pampering with lots of golden decoration, turning the house will into an exotic desert sensation.

來自 Lexington 系列的小圓桌、茶几及四門側櫃,獨特品味表露無遺。

It reveals the exclusive taste just by combing with the Lexington series round tables, side tables, or four-doors side closets.

Jurez Table Lamp

Jurez 枱燈燈座採用一體成型的銅、再配合水晶製成,為房間增添不少優雅,同時增添華麗感。

Jurez table light is made withooper, crystal base and fabric shade, enhancing a sense of elegance.

Medina Chandelier

銅色 Medina 吊燈支架採用固態銅管製造,搭配米黃色燈罩,適合在家中客廳或飯廳使用。

Cooper Medina Chandelier is supported by cooper tubes and brass frame with beige shade, very suitable for living or dining room.


每個人心目中都有一個Dream House,細至一磚一瓦你都希望它完美無瑕。

我們都希望這些時尚恰當的裝扮設計存在生活中每個細節裡,讓Dream House 散發著屬於你的獨特魅力。

Everyone has a Dream House in their mind. You want it completely perfect in every small detail. We hope these fashionable and appropriate decoration designs in every detail of your life. Let Dream House show your distinctive glamour charm.



Home is not just a place for rest, but also a healthy and warm destination for families. We hope all things in the house are safe and comfortable, from the sofa that we sit on with our families, to the wooden floors our pets sleep on, and the game rooms where children play and even the curtains and the carpets located in the sitting room. One more process in the decoration keeps you away from worries and problems. Non-formaldehyde house is full of healthy and love atmosphere, avoiding toxic substances staying in our life. Let us build up our own non-formaldehyde house together.


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