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我是我自己的風景 I Am My Own View


No one wants to become like the others, yet we often find ourselves having too many “souls” or stuck in so many familiar situations. Wai Man Chan, Macau Artist, reveals herself to others with a series of self-portraits that show that human emotion is so direct, genius and pure.


Wai Man loves painting since she was young. However, becoming an artist sounded impossible to her because she wasn't born in a wealthy family. She went to Taiwan to learn interior design, thinking it was similar to painting, so that she could do something that she always loves. Later on, she discovered that designing and painting were completely different. She understood that design was more about commercial products, which was needed to create products for customers and also about putting herself into the customer’s shoes to design. Painting, on the contrary, is simply reflecting the painter’s emotion and attitude. Then she came back to Macau and studied a real major. Because she loves traveling, she began her journey in hotel management in the Tourism Department. Luckily, she got an internship opportunity in Greece and travelled around Europe for a while. Wan Man believed it wouldn't be harmful to her to learn more and absorb some artistic knowledge in Europe, something she couldn't find it in Macau. Gradually, she met lots of people, and just like that she found more possibilities for herself.

《我是我自己的風景》是陳慧雯的第二個個人畫展,她認為,這是她如今的心情與狀態。在紐約居住學習藝術的 7 個月裡面,讓她更能夠觀察自己、認識自己、了解自己。她認為,每個人都有這樣子的階段,經歷的事情不同了,想法也會不同。曾經覺得這樣是一個病態,但是後來發現,這是每個人都有的情況,既然如此,也不要收藏起來,就讓自己的情況畫下來,記錄下來吧。

"I Am My Own View" is Wan Man Chan's second gallery exhibition, which fully interpreted her emotion and status. When she was living and studying in New York, in July, she observed herself, recognized herself and understood herself more. As she mentioned, everybody experiences different stages in life, going though different situations, changing people's values. Somehow she thought that it wasn’t a healthy status, but in the end she recognized that everyone had the same, although living different situations. Therefore she would rather paint it as a record than try to hide her true self.



Due to her blond hair, Wai Man Chan gives a lovely energetic impression to others. After talking with her you notice a bit of a gloomy feeling, which can be discovered in her paintings. In another words, only in her painting "I Am My Own View".

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