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Revisit Shanghai

重遊舊地之 — 上海 Revisit Shanghai


Every trip is an unforgettable life experience. No matter where you go, either a small new town that you never set foot in, or just revisit an old place, you will smile from the bottom of your heart when you think of small episodes from the past. In fact, there are no such setbacks that you could not overcome. It’s you who is hard on yourself. So many things can break you down, but you need to adjust your attitude to win life’s battles.

  「生有時,死有時;聚散有時,離合有時;悲有時,喜有時;平凡有時,奇蹟有時。」然而,人 生並沒有輸或贏,對或錯。只有你體驗到或學習到了什麼而從中得到成長。熟悉小編的朋友都知道前陣子我家里發生的巨變,所以這次小編懷著錯綜複雜的心情來到 這闊別十八年的上海,頗有感觸。和小時候印象中的上海相比,這是一個全新海納百川的城市,車水碼頭,人頭擁擁。全新的法租界,盡顯個性的田子坊,用老民房 翻新的新天地等等都讓我有種置身歐美的錯覺,到處都有全新的商業大樓林立,有些建築物更像紐約的華爾街。這可能都是意味著中西文化成功交流的一大部分。

  我努力地睜大眼睛,嘗試找尋那些「老影子」和「定格點」。可惜桃花依舊,而面目全非。慢慢徒步走在種滿梧桐樹的街道,懷念著舅舅曾經用腳踏車載著那小小的 我奔馳在馬路之間,那時,依稀還會嗅到那空氣中淡淡的草味。現在,都換成往來不斷的汽車和濃濃塵灰的味道。是變好了?變壞了?這些都難以下定論。時過境 遷,人在變,社會也在變。

A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to meet, and a time to leave; A time to be sad, a time to be happy; A time to be ordinary, a time to be a miracle. However, there is no winning or losing, right or wrong in life. There is only what you experience or learn from life. Some of you know that my family had a huge change a while ago. In a complicated mood, I went back to Shanghai where I left 18 years ago.

Compared with Shanghai from my childhood memory, this is a brand new city that has everything, crowded with people and vehicles. Brand new French concessions, the distinct Tianzifang, renewed old houses into Shanghai’s new world, among others, all of this makes me feel like I’m in Europe. There are brand new business buildings everywhere. Some of them look like the buildings that exist in New York’s Wall Street. These may mean a successful communication between Chinese and the Western culture.

I open my eyes wide and try to look for those “old shadows” or “familiar places”. However, things are all changed beyond recognition. Walking slowly along a street that is full of sycamore trees, I miss the old time when I sat on the back of my uncle’s bike passing the street quickly. At that time, I can almost smell the grass in the air. Nowadays the streets are full of unceasing cars and thick air. Is it better? Or worse? It is hard to make conclusions. Times have changed. People change. So does society.

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