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回憶中的瑰寶Jewelry in Memories





A piece of falling leaf, elegant pearl, dazzling diamonds and exquisite gold carve patterns,all of these things can compose the jewelry in autumn memories. However, the feeling of happiness or the most precious jewelry you received, which will be your favorite autumn memories


Sous le Signe du Lion


King’s Courage

CHANEL 最新的Sous le Signe du Lion (Under the Sign of the Leo) 高級珠寶系列共有

16 件作品,演繹了Chanel 女士的代表動物—獅子的各種不同造型。她生於1883 年8 月19 日,屬於獅子座 ,作為守護星為太陽且為十二星座的王者之尊,並以其力量和象徵的美麗成為威尼斯的守護者 ,獅子同時是威尼斯的象徵威尼斯的榮光和勇氣標誌。加上一直視威尼斯為她的城市,所以獅子在 Chanel 女士的創意世界佔有獨特的地位。

CHANEL latest Jewelry series Sous le Signe du Lion (Under the Sign of the Leo) has 16 pieces of work, showing Lady Chanel’s symbolic animal, the lion, in different poses. Lady Chanel was born on 19th August 1883. She’s a Leo. As the guardian star for the sun and king of twelve constellations, she became the guardian of Venice with her power and beauty. Lion is also Venice’s symbol, representing glory and courage as well. Lady Chanel always regarded Venice as her city, so lion played a unique role in her creative world.



Happy Love

每個人都憧憬著尋找屬於自己的幸福。Bliss 系列以Scottie 的幸福愛情故事為設計藍本,以Scottie 小狗配搭閃石或優雅的金屬圓珠,而甜美可愛的Lady Scottie 小狗則飾以高貴的珍珠,完美演繹出和諧愉悅的感覺。系列同時推出以鋯石為主調的飾品,襯以鍍金、鍍玫瑰或銀色精鋼,璀璨奪目,讓人一見難忘;而當中最觸目的款式是925 純銀戒指,以鋯石搭配上珍珠元素,細膩雅致的細節及線條展現了女性化的氣質,打造出一系列浪漫的Bliss 系列,注滿幸福的感覺。

Everyone looks forward to finding their love. Bliss series uses Scottie’s happy love story as inspiration for the design. Scottie is decorated with amphibole or elegant metal balls, while sweet and lovely Lady Scottie is decorated with noble pearl, making together an harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, the series releases accessories that use zircon as the main tone, decorated with gold plating, rose plating or silver stainless steel. It’s lustrous and brilliant, making it unforgettable at first sight. Among them, the most eye-catching style is the 925 silver ring. It matches zircon with pearl elements. Exquisite and refined details and lines show feminine temperament. A series of romantic Bliss series will let you indulge in happiness.

Boucheron Pensee de Diamants


Love and Memories

紫羅蘭自1875年成為Boucheron 寶詩龍的標志性花卉,是愛與回憶的像征。

, 蘊含著一條寓意深遠的花語:“我想念你” 憑借著隱藏在嬌弱花容之下的力量,以洗練優雅的姿態,系列垂飾的鏤空金雕通過似虛似實,似斷還連的視覺效果,令美鑽璀璨生輝。光線透過垂飾上的金質雕花, 令鑽石散發出璀璨光芒。而白金戒指經由光之手的精雕細刻和精細拋光處理,光芒綻放,令美鑽折射出耀眼光澤。問號項鏈由品牌於1883年創造佩戴時無需系扣,散發現代氣息。雍容飽滿的白金鑲鑽紫羅蘭重疊纏繞,瑰麗高雅。花心的鑽石花蕊展現出工匠超卓的精細鏤空工藝。

Violet has become Boucheron’s symbolic flower since 1875. It’s a sign of love and memories, which has a profound and implied flower language meaning of “I miss you”. Elegant gesture with pendant hollow golden carves makes visual effects that look like an illusion, broken but connected. It’s shining and sparkling. Platinum ring is carved with care and precision by subtle hands and with fine polishing. Shining lights reflect a bright luster. The question mark necklace was created by the brand in 1883. It needs no buckles when wearing it, which is very modern. Graceful and full platinum diamante violets overlap, which is classy and has glamour. The heart of the diamond flower shows a refined and outstanding hollow-carved craft.


The Art of Links


CHAUMET 以創作情感珠寶而聞名,全新的Liens 高級珠寶套裝完美演繹其獨特的創意藝術。


CHAUMET is famous for creating the “Jeweler of Feelings”. The latest Liens senior jewelry series displays its unique creative idea. Concise line design continues Liens’s style. Inset diamonds patterns link with lavender purple blue sapphires that are originally from Sri Lanka, fresh and elegant.


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