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對於不同季節的裝飾轉換,實在沒有任何風潮比英倫俱樂部更能烘染出秋意。他高貴、優雅,又帶著紳士的風格,Indigo Living的James系列家具以舒適溫暖的棕色真皮座椅、經表面處理的木製家俱,配上滿溢深秋泥土氣息的色系,配襯出寧靜的氛圍、木製牆板及舒適的格局,這個佈置馬上令人聯想到一所尊貴的紳士俱樂部。對於喜歡家居裝潢傳統典雅的人士,英倫風格絕對是最合口味的那杯茶。

For adornment in a different season, the British trend is the best style to emphasize the beauty of autumn. Noble, elegant and with a gentleman kind of style, Indigo Living James furniture series have a comfortable and warm brown leather chair and surface-treated wooden furniture. With late autumn earth color, it creates a quiet atmosphere. Wooden wallboard and comfortable structure, this arrangement reminds people of a noble gentleman’s club. For people who like traditional and elegant home decoration, the British style is definitely a perfect choice.

▲6 Drawer Chest 貫徹英倫風格的天然木材家具是設計界的長青寵兒,此六層抽屜櫃以1920年的懷舊家具為靈感,淺棕色的櫃身配合銅製把手,把懷舊的魅力添加到室內任何一個角落。 Natural wood furniture of the British style is favorite design in the fashion world. Inspired by the nostalgic 1920’s, light brown six Drawer Chest matching with copper handle. The charm of nostalgia is present in every corner of the house.

Bedside Table▶


made of oak

在家裡建立英倫俱樂部 Establish a British Club at Home

上次為大家介紹了充滿異國風情的熱情沙漠風,在乍暖還寒之際,除了為衣櫃好好整頓衣飾,亦應該好好利用季節轉換營造不一樣的家居氣氛,今次就為大家介紹相當悅目而充實的家居風格——英倫俱樂部,這裝潢既能演繹出高檔的男士領域,猶如一所傳統英國紳士俱樂部或書房,但即使是女士也相當受落。若是要為客廳營造鬆弛的氣氛,這個主題實是不二之選,如擺放一張 Brooklyn 三座位皮沙發配上Brooklyn 棕色皮俱樂部椅子,真皮座椅最是能捕捉到英倫風格的神髓,坐上其中已能感受到皮革物料獨有的聲音和香氣。假若傾向時尚一點的裝潢,選擇沙發椅子時,挑選造型四四方方的設計會更為貼切。

Last time we introduced exotic enthusiastic desert style. Upon the change of weather, besides putting away clothes in the closet, we should make use of the season change to make a different homely atmosphere. This time we introduce a pleasant and substantial home decoration style- British club. The decoration shows a high-class men’s field, like a traditional British club or study room. It’s also cool for a lady’s room. To create a relaxing atmosphere, this theme would be a great choice. For example, Brooklyn three-seat leather sofa matches with Brooklyn brown leather chairs. Leather seats are most capable of capturing essence of the British style. You can feel a unique sound and fragrance of leather materials when sitting on it. If you like more a fashionable decoration, you can choose the square design sofa or chairs, which will look better.

▲Anna Bench Anna長凳的木框架以純手工打造,覆蓋上燕麥色的人工軟墊,適合在客廳或臥室使用。 Wooden frame of the Anna bench is handmade, covered with an oat colour artificial soft mat. It is suitable for putting in sitting room or bedroom.

◀ Ivana Table Lamp 古典檯燈可營造暖洋洋的感覺,Ivana檯燈的燈座以鋼鐵製造,配合布製燈罩,簡潔乾淨的設計可以輕鬆地融入客廳之中。 Classic lamp can make you feel warm. Ivana lamp holder is made of steel. With cloth lampshade and concise design, it can be easily integrated into the sitting room.

Club Chair ▶​ 深棕色的Club Chair真皮座椅造型四四方方,線條設計簡潔乾淨,加上其佔地面積小 ,適合在客廳,Ivana Table Lamp書房或臥室使用。 Dark brown leather Club Chair is square. Its line design is simple and clean. It occupies a small place, which is suitable for putting in the sitting room, Ivana Table Lamp study room or bedroom.

▼ 若是認為英倫佈置太過偏重男士的剛強氣息,

可運用一些色彩較淺如泥土色系的咕臣和地毯作配搭,有助平衡室內的女士氣息。 If you think that the British style looks too much masculine, you can use light colours like earth apricot and oatmeal colour cushion and carpet as supplement, to balance indoor feminine atmosphere. ▼

溫暖親和的居室 Warm and Amiable Room

即使是外表看來雄斗斗如英倫俱樂部的佈置,其實也可透過一些輕柔布料及玻璃飾物的點綴來增添回女性的嫵媚,並取得陰陽平衡。在皮革座椅的周邊可配上精緻的Round Nesting茶几,再運用一些色彩較淺如泥土色系的杏色、燕麥色的咕臣和地毯作配搭,有助平衡室內的女士氣息。要打造成英倫風的家居風格其實有另一關鍵,那就是善用天然木材。以天然木材作製作的家具是設計界的長青寵兒,由古董風貌到修飾現代的款式,適當地擺設運用了不同處理效果的木製家具,整體的家居佈置定能得到提升。同時,也可以體現於一些飾具擺設如西洋棋盤、古典檯燈以及水晶杯具作點綴,也能夠收很好的畫龍點睛之效。

Even though British clubs look masculine, you can add in some soft materials and glass accessories to create a charming feminine feeling, which achieves a balance between both genders. Put a delicate Round Nesting tea table around the leather chairs, and then use light colors like earth apricot and oat color cushion and carpet as supplement, which helps to balance an indoor feminine atmosphere. Another key point of making British style home decoration is to make the best use of natural wood. Furniture made from natural wood is a favorite element in home design. From classic to modern style, making use of different wood furniture upgrades the home decoration overall. At the same time, some accessories like checkerboard, classic lamp and crystal cup add the most important element that brings a work of art home.

▲Console Table

仿二十年代風格的James Pedestal餐桌,以橡木製造,


Made of oak, James Pedestal dining table is an imitation of the 1920’s style.

It has remarkable edges and corners and also carved table legs with flowers details.

▼Round Nesting Coffee Table 精緻的Round Nesting茶几,採用仿古的黑色鏡面玻璃

和青銅金屬框架打造,相當具早期的英倫復古味道。 Delicate Round Nesting table imitates antique black mirror glass

and bronze metal frame, which is full of early British vintage style.

▲運用天然木材的家具以及真皮座椅的配搭是最能捕捉英倫風格的神髓。 Natural wood furniture and leather seats are most capable of capturing the essence of the British style.

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