The Most Elegant Man


在各位女性的眼中,怎麼樣的男士才稱得上為優雅的男士? 成為世界知名馬術大師,與馬匹為伴;還是成為鐘錶大師,在世界知名的製錶廠工作?

In the eyes of most women, what kind of man could qualify as an elegant man? A world-renowned master in horse jumping competitions for a company, or a watchmaking master working in a famous watch factory?


Recently, Longines presented the most thrilling horse jumping competition entitled “The 2016 Longines Masters of Hong Kong”, which took place in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo from 19th to 21st February. It mixed the world-class steeplechase, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment to create a spectacular experience for equestrian enthusiasts. The first two legs of “The Longines Masters” were held in Los Angeles, USA, and Paris, France. One of the events was the “Longines Speed Challenge”, which is known as the most exciting, unique and fastest competition in the world. This popular event pushes the riders to give their best and run the trial as fast as they can, requiring perfect equestrian skills. It encourages the participants to challenge themselves and increase their speed to win the prizes according to how fast they are and how great they perform.

而活動的主事者就是浪琴表的全球營銷總監Juan-Carlos Capelli,他表示,馬術大師運動時的堅持和毅力,就如女性最欣賞男人對工作的熱誠,因為優雅的男士除了有動人的外在,還有充實的內心,就如浪琴表始終以優雅、美麗的態度為品牌宗旨。

The host of the event, Juan-Carlos Capelli, VP of Longines and Head of International Marketing, said that the persistence and perseverance of the riding master is like man’s devotion towards work, which women appreciate quite a lot. Because an elegant man not only has an attractive appearance, he is also rich at heart. Just like Longines always tries to present an elegant and beautiful attitude for the brand’s purpose.

◀ Juan-Carlos Capelli


我們希望自己喜歡的男人是抱有理想、專注事業,並會為有這樣的特質而感動。無論是馬術大師還是鐘錶大師,對於不同職業的男士,我們最欣賞的就是他們對工作的認真、熱誠和專注,因此在女性心目中的優雅男士,就是從內心發展至外在,熱愛他們所做的事。而在浪琴工作了廿七年的Juan-Carlos Capelli,就是其中的佼佼者——他二十多年來一直保持對工作的熱誠,始終愛自己所愛,路才會走得更遠更長久。

“The most elegant man devotes himself to work”

We hope our men can have their own dreams and focus on their careers, we are attracted by these kinds of features. Whether a riding master or a watchmaking master, for different occupations of men, we appreciate their devotion and concentration towards their work. An elegant man in the woman’s eyes is developed from the inside to the outside and they love what they do. Juan-Carlos Capelli, who has been working in Longines for 27 years, is one of the best. He never stopped devoting himself to his work for more than 20 years. Love what you love, and your career will go farther.

▲全球最矚目馬術盛事「浪琴表馬術大師賽」的首個焦點項目「浪琴表速度挑戰賽」由愛爾蘭年輕騎手Bertram Allen(中)勇奪冠軍,亞軍由英國騎手John Whitaker(右)奪得,季軍則由瑞士騎手Pius Schwizer (左)奪得,並由浪琴錶副總裁兼任國際市場營銷總監Juan-Carlos Capelli頒發獎品。


Magazine & More so lucky to have the opportunity to talk with Mr. Capelli during “The 2016 Longines Masters of Hong Kong”.

Magazine & More:你的第一份工作就是加入浪琴表的採購部,至今你已經於浪琴表工作了近27年,成為品牌的副總裁同時兼任國際市場營銷總監。如果要你形容你與浪琴的關係,那會是一種怎樣的關係?

Juan-Carlos Capelli:直至現在,我依然相當熱愛我的工作,如果你認為成功是有常規、又或是有一些慣例去遵循,那麼你就錯了。首先最重要的一點是,永遠不要被常規所限。我在做認為對的工作,其實我也不認為這是我的日常工作,雖然已經在浪琴表二十七年了,在工作上我能夠經常接觸到腕錶、馬術,這對我來說絕對是完美。在這麼長的日子裡,總會遇到大大小小的情況,但我凡事都會盡量向好的方向去想。

Magazine & More: Your first job in the company was in Longines’ Procurement Department. So far you've worked for Longines for nearly 27 years, and now you became the Vice-President and Head of International Marketing. How would you describe your relationship with Longines?

Juan-Carlos Capelli: I still love what I do, if you think there is a normal pattern, or some routines to follow for success, you are wrong. The first and the most important thing is never be hindered by normal patterns. I do what I think is right, and actually I don't think it's my daily job, although I have already worked in Longines for 27 years. It is absolutely the perfect job for me because I can always get access to watches and equestrian things. In such a long time there were always different kinds of situations, but I always try to look at the bright side.

Magazine & More:如果請你選擇一隻可能長久地保存的手錶,那會是甚麼樣的腕錶?

Juan-Carlos Capelli:像我這樣熱愛腕錶的人來說,這其實很難說得準,不過我有一隻生產於1957年的腕錶,距離至今也有五十多年歷史了,這是好重要的禮物,我想我會一直好好地保存著它。

Magazine & More: What kind of watch you would choose to keep for a long time?

Juan-Carlos Capelli: As a watch-loving person, it is very difficult to choose. But I have a watch produced in 1957, which has more than 50 years of history. This was a very important present, and I believe I will keep it for a long time.

Magazine & More:你能告訴我們你的座右銘是什麼嗎?

Juan-Carlos Capelli:Elegant is an Attitude (優雅是一種態度),對不同人來說,他們心目中對優雅的定義也不同,無論在美國、澳洲甚至印度尼西亞,大家對優雅也有不一樣的詮譯,但其實到處都是一樣的,最重要的是內在,無論是人還是產品,只要有內涵的話,即使在甚麼地方都能夠與優雅一詞掛勾。

Magazine & More: Can you share with us your motto?

Juan-Carlos Capelli: Elegance is an Attitude. For different people, they have their own definition of elegance. No matter if they are in the United States, Australia or Indonesia, everyone has different interpretations of elegance. But there is one thing that we all agree with: the heart is the most important. No matter if people or products, as long as they have a good heart, or a good inner part, everyone in the world can be linked to the word “elegance”.

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