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Vacheron Constantin

Celebrating a heritage forged by 260 years of uninterrupted expertise and innovation, Manufacture Vacheron Constantin is enriching its Historiques collection with a classic chronograph fitted with iconic ‘cow-horn’ lugs. This contemporary interpretation of a legendary model created by Vacheron Constantin in 1955 embodies a remarkable blend of rigorous technicality and bold creativity. Featuring a central complication in line with the heritage of the Geneva-based Manufacture, the Historiques Cornes de vache 1955 is powered by hand-wound Caliber 1142, housed in a 38.50 mm-diameter platinum case. This timepiece bearing the Hallmark of Geneva and Issued in an exclusive production run is joining an exceptional collection dedicated to connoisseurs. The new Historiques Cornes de vache 1955 is a contemporary interpretation of the first water-resistant and anti-magnetic chronograph presented by Vacheron Constantin 60 years ago. Offering a striking aesthetic contrast with the sophisticated functions of the chronograph and its classic construction with twin round pushpieces, the ‘cow-horn’ lugs endow it with a genuine stylistic identity that is the Vacheron Constantin signature. This now legendary timepiece symbolises the ancestral art of the Maison in creating high-end chronographs.

為紀念品牌260年來從不間斷的技藝傳承和創新,鐘錶製造商江詩丹頓為其推出了 Historiques 系列配備經典「牛角形」錶耳的計時腕錶,採用現代理念重新演繹了江詩丹頓 1955 年推出的傳奇傑作,完美結合了精密製錶工藝和大膽的創意。Historiques Cornes de vache 1955 傳承著這一日內瓦品牌的核心複雜功能,由 1142 手動上錬機芯提供動力,並採用直徑為 38.50 毫米的鉑金錶殼。此款時計擁有日內瓦印記和獨特生產,新款 Historiques Cornes de vache 1955 也延續了這一系列傳統,用現代理念重新演繹了江詩丹頓在 60 年前首次推出的防水防磁計時碼錶。同時還保留了古典的圓形雙按鈕和「牛角形」錶耳的外觀,呈現了至臻的江詩丹頓風範。這一傳奇時計還體現了品牌製作高端計時碼錶的悠久藝術工藝。

Montblanc Bohème Day & Night


The Montblanc Bohème Day & Night is the perfect companion to the Bohème ladies who shines in timeless feminine elegance, with the blend of functionality, respect for the utmost perfection of fine watchmaking and the highest aesthetic refinement. The unique day & night indication allows the wearer to know which part of the day or night it is precisely. The day is indicated through a sophisticated light blue and golden sun, while the night indication is represented in a warm dark blue decorated with a smiling golden moon adorned by stars. The automatic movement with its highly functional complication makes it possible to precisely set the sunrise and the sunset to match the corresponding time. The elegant 34mm stainless steel case - a new size in the Bohème collection designed to perfectly fit a lady’s wrist - features a bezel fully set with 72 top Wesselton diamonds. True to the aesthetic attributes of the Bohème line, the silvery-white guilloché dial features sensual black Arabic numerals, blued leaf-shaped and baton-shaped hands. The unique character of every Bohème timepiece comes from the unexpected details that enrich the codes of fine watchmaking like the sophisticated integration of the elliptical date opening on the dial.

Montblanc 這款腕錶集女性婉約氣質、佩戴實用性、精湛製錶工藝和頂級美學標準於一身。這小型複雜功能腕錶的機刻雕花錶盤純淨典雅,令人耳目一新。獨特的日夜顯示功能可準確告知佩戴者白天或夜晚的具體時段。精雕細琢的淺藍色天空搭配金色太陽代表白天,而深邃的藏藍色天空搭配淺笑盈盈的月亮則代表夜晚,輔以散落星辰,顯得 唯美動人。擁有高級複雜功能的自動上鏈機芯更夠根據相應時間精準地設置日出和日落。Bohème系列Day & Night腕錶採用34毫米直徑錶圈,鑲有72顆頂級Wesselton鑽石,突顯柔美纖細之感。銀白色機刻雕花錶盤上,秀麗的黑色阿拉伯數字,別致的藍鋼葉形和巴頓式指針,無不散發著Bohème系列獨有的美學特質。別出心裁的細節設計,如錶盤上精緻的橢圓形日期視窗等,開創了高級製錶的新經典。

Galtiscopio La Giostra II


Violet has become Boucheron’s symbolic flower since 1875. It’s a sign of love and memories, which has a profound and implied flower language meaning “I miss you”. Elegant gesture with pendant hollow golden carves makes visual effects that look like an illusion, broken but connected. It’s shining and sparkling. Platinum ring is carved with care and precision by subtle hands and with fine polishing. Shining lights reflect a bright luster. The question mark necklace was created by the brand in 1883. It needs no buckles when wearing it, which is very modern. Graceful and full platinum diamante violets overlap, which is classy and has glamour. The heart of the diamond flower shows a refined and outstanding hollow-carved craft.

紫羅蘭自 1875 年成為 Boucheron 寶詩龍的標志性花卉,是愛與回憶的像征。蘊含著一條寓意深遠的花語:「我想念你」,憑借著隱藏在嬌弱花容之下的力量,以洗練優雅的姿態,系列垂飾的鏤空金雕通過似虛似實,似斷還連的視覺效果,令美鑽璀璨生輝。光線透過垂飾上的金質雕花,令鑽石散發出璀璨光芒。而白金戒指經由光之手的精雕細刻和精細拋光處理,光芒綻放,令美鑽折射出耀眼光澤。問號項鏈由品牌於1883年創造佩戴時無需系扣,散發現代氣息。雍容飽滿的白金鑲鑽紫羅蘭重疊纏繞,瑰麗高雅。花心的鑽石花蕊展現出工匠超卓的精細鏤空工藝。

Cartier Clé deCartier

Simply Harmony


The Clé de Cartier Flying Tourbillon watch, graced with an entirely diamond-set case, beats to the rhythm of one of the most fascinating Fine Watching complications: the flying tourbillon.

As with all Cartier Fine Watchmaking movements, the watchmaker pay particular attention to the finishing of its 142 parts and the parts of this mechanical movement with manual winding have been given a specific finish: chamfered bridges, drawn flanks and polished screw heads.

This collection of highly regulated finishes meets the criteria for obtaining the “Poinçon de Genève” and serves as a signature of the skilled work conducted with respect for watchmaking tradition in the Cartier workshops at 35 Rue du Rhône in Geneva. The meeting between this Fine Watchmaking movement and the new Cartier watch, created with clarity and simplicity in mind, is perfectly harmonious. It proves that at Cartier, aesthetics and watchmaking expertise progress with the same exacting standards.

Clé de Cartier 腕錶的錶殼鑲滿璀璨鑽石,同時還搭載其中一項最為精巧的高級複雜功能浮動式陀飛輪。如同卡地亞高級製錶的每一枚機芯作品,經工匠大師悉心修飾142枚零件,此枚手動上鏈機械機芯的每枚零件都經過精心修飾:錶橋經倒角打磨,側面經拉絲處理,螺絲頭經拋光處理。這枚裝飾華美的機芯嚴格遵循製錶工藝的要求,符合「Poinçon de Genève」(日內瓦優質印記) 的嚴格標準,彰顯日內瓦羅納路35號 (35 rue du Rhône) 卡地亞工作坊的製錶傳統。同時,營造了簡約和諧的美感。Clé de Cartier浮動式陀飛輪腕錶充分印證卡地亞對卓越製錶藝術始終如一的追求。

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